We work closely with each client to define return objectives, risk appetite, liquidity
needs and cash flow projections, in order to establish an adequate investment
policy and a proper diversified asset allocation. We monitor risk relentlessly through
a set of metrics and constant discussions regarding investments performance.


  • Analysis of clients' needs
  • Identification of liquid and non-liquid assets, investment structures and applicable tax and legal aspects.
  • Understanding the areas related to management of liquid part of the clients portfolio  
    • Portfolio
    • Cash flow
    • Investment horizon
    • Risk-return profile
    • Applicable restrictions

investment policy IMPLEMENTATION

  • 4-hand Investment policy definition
  • Revision of investment structure
  • Negotiation of applicable costs
  • Implementation of agreed decisions


  • Identification and selection of managers and assets
  • Complete data base analysis of managers and products
  • Thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Managers ranked by experience and professional network
  • Selection approved by the Product Committee

Risk Monitoring and Analysis

  • Continuous analysis of results and portfolio managers
  • Comparison of portfolios returns and asset classes through pre-defined benchmarks
  • Analysis and monitoring of the macroeconomic environment
  • Risk control with re-balancing and tactical allocations
  • Portfolio consolidation reports
  • Continuous communication with the client