What we do


We advise individuals, families and institutions in preserving their wealth, managing resources, technically, impartially, transparently and diversely, both in Brazil and abroad.

We manage global financial assets focusing on wealth preservation and long-term return consistency. We prioritize excellence in all aspects of our business, including investment performance, client relationships and processes. We continually reflect, seeking to mitigate risks and improve our management approach.


We have a highly qualified and experienced team, which allows us to act in a critical and engaged manner, making provocations and analyzing patrimonial structures, both in Brazil and abroad. We support our clients reviewing and rethinking their investment structures and their estate and succession planning.

With a mindful and updated look, we are also involved in themes like governance, disposal of relevant assets and merge and acquisitions, interacting, with investment banks and other service providers.


There is no long term without sustainability. ESG factors are part of our risk-assessment and manager selection. We actively act in provoking the investment industry, engaging managers, companies, regulators and other stakeholders in the adoption of environmental, social and governance criteria. We engage because we recognize that the long-term generation of sustainable returns depends on steady, functional and well governed economic and environmental systems.


We were founded based on a life choice: to work with families and institutions that have some outlook on socio-environmental transformation or that are open to engage in any way.

We believe in the power of markets and financial innovation to scale solutions for the more urgent social and environmental matters. We are committed to support the development of the Brazilian socio-environmental impact ecosystem and we are involved in relevant initiatives with transforming power.

Amongst other fronts, we allocate a percentage of our clients’ wealth to socio-environmental impact funds.